What is a Lamaze Room?

Pregnancy is an interesting journey and mothers undergo a lot of changes in their bodies. Finding a way to get through the pregnancy sanely is important and this is why you should find the necessary support.

Being in a lamaze room is a great way to be able to learn from experts and be in the presence of other pregnant women. Lamaze is a great technique and involves a wide range of oral and written instructions in relation to childbirth. There will be practical exercises, visual aid, and a whole range of other activities you can engage in.

With a qualified lamaze instructor, the entire pregnancy period becomes manageable. When you get into a lamaze room, you will learn a whole lot about pregnancy and child delivery. The instructors use modern and evidence-based information to teach about birthing and how one can cope. Rather than focusing on medical interventions, lamaze will focus on breathing techniques that tend to reduce labor pain, anxiety and regulate the heart rate.

Lamaze Room


Since you will learn focused breathing in a lamaze class, the other sensations are suppressed. With this type of breathing, your baby will be oxygenated and the good news is that you can learn the technique easily. As simple as it may sound, breathing is one of the best ways to cope with pain during labor and birthing.

Why You Should Consider Lamaze

Lamaze is a technique that comes with a whole of benefits. If you are enthusiastic about natural birth, a lamaze room will be ideal. Using this technique, the need to use medication to relieve pain is eliminated. Some of the activities that you will learn are to move, moan, walk, breathe and sway so as to cope with the labor pains and contractions.

Eventually, you will pick up the right rhythm that works for you and make it easier for the baby to start descending. This is an ideal technique that prevents any delays in labor and delivery. The baby will rotate and descend without any complications.

When to Start Lamaze Classes

The recommended time to get into a lamaze room is towards the end of the third trimester. The classes should take a total of 12 hours, which can be spread across the last 5 or 6 weeks before birthing. Most lamaze instructors have a background in clinical psychology, social work, teaching, counseling, and physical therapy. 

Men will get a lot of value from the course as they are able to understand their roles in labor and delivery support. It is advisable for men to participate actively so as to learn about the technique. You and your spouse can make the process easier and manageable.

Get Started with Lamaze

Lamaze is a technique that encourages natural birth and has so much to offer. In a lamaze room, you will learn about coping with labor pain without the use of drug interventions. Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on you and your spouse. Lamaze will boost your confidence and equip you with the right knowledge. Find a class and start your lamaze lessons.


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