The 8 Best Uses of Free Baby Shower Graphics

If you’ve got a friend that is expecting and you want to throw them a baby shower, you need to come up with some original ideas to make the shower unique. One of the best ideas is the use of a party theme. While this might sound a little overwhelming, it really isn’t that difficult and there are a number of ways to set the mood and the theme for the shower.

The best way is to use free baby shower graphics for the theme and decorations. Look on the Internet for graphics that are not only are free, but give an endless supply of ideas.

Ways the use the graphics

  1. Set the theme right away on the invitations. You can save money and create special invitations that are memorable when you make your own. If you select a theme like a teddy bear, you can follow through the rest of the party with teddy bears as the primary theme, even to the point of giving small teddies as party favors.
  2. Create a slide show for the party. Again, you can use the theme and intersperse pictures of the mother to be. During the party use a digital camera and snap pictures of guests. If your theme is the teddy bear, make it a surprise. Whenever you feel the urge, pass a guest at the party teddy bear and snap their picture to add to the slide show. These pictures make a great album for the mother-to-be later.
  3. Make the decorations. You can use the graphics to print small figures onto hard card stock. Punch a hole in the top of the stock and hang these from colored crepe paper steamers suspended from the ceiling.
  4. Center the gift giving on the theme or graphics. If you want to use the graphics to identify a theme, why not make it the type of gifts that the new mother needs. If you want the gifts to be small baby supplies, then identify it with baby bottles, diapers and rattles on the invitation front and information on the interior of the invitation designating the gift items.
  5. Use the gift-giving theme for party game prizes. If you have baby supplies as the central gift-giving theme then the prizes should match the theme. Pass out baby bottles with bath salts or bubble bath as a prize.
  6. Create a guest gift for everyone. Use the graphics to make frames out of heavy card stock. Simply put the graphics around the edge, print the size that you want and cut out the center. When you snap the pictures of the guests, print one up the size of the frame and tape it to the underside so the picture shows through. As the guests leave, hand them their memento of the day.
  7. Take the graphics to a bakery that makes custom cakes. Often they reproduce pictures on the top of the cake or even make a cake and frost it to look like a three dimensional design that resembles the picture.
  8. Get a stamp made of the graphics and stamp the picture onto the paper cups and napkins for the party.

All these ways keep the theme tied together. You can even tie the games into the party theme. The baby shower with a theme around a graphic makes the party more memorable and personal.

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