Martha Stewart Baby Shower Ideas

Martha Stewart who is known for her wonderful event planning and her expertise when it comes to preparing meals and gifts and favors offers many different ideas and suggestions for throwing and planning a baby shower.

Theme Ideas

Noah's Arc Baby Shower Cake

Noah's Arc Baby Shower Cake

Martha Stewart suggests many different ideas some of which are classic and others more modern for a baby shower theme. Some of the more popular theme ideas are:

  • Classic White Baby Shower Theme
  • Polka Dot Baby Shower Theme
  • Noah’s Arc Baby Shower Theme
  • Brunch For Baby Baby Shower Theme
  • Alphabet Baby Shower Theme

Within these theme ideas are many different options for invitations, food and favors.

Food Ideas

  • A Classic White Baby Shower Cake
  • A cake with polka dots in either blue, pink or yellow or green
  • A cake shaped like an arc complete with sets of animals for decoration
  • Cupcakes shaped like baby blocks with letters and numbers on the sides along with pictures.

Martha Stewart Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

While there are many different baby shower invitations that can be purchased in a store there are also millions of ideas out there on the internet that would be fitting for many different baby shower theme ideas. You can find free baby shower invitation templates online and print them at home and decorate them yourself with scrapbooking materials as well as stickers and stamps and ribbon.

In Conclusion

Martha Stewart’s magazine can provide many different ideas for throwing a remarkable baby shower. You can find these at your local library or online. You can put your own personal touch on many of the details and not have them break the bank. It is important to do research before hand and to know what you want as early as possible as this can save you money and energy in the long run.

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