Baby Shower Decorations

Baby shower decorations are sold many places. While some people might prefer to shop for these in person, others may prefer to shop online.  There are also manny discount stores available for all of your baby shower needs.

What Decorations Do I Need?

While this question can not be answered the same for everyone there are many items that are pretty much a standard for a festive baby shower. Whether you decide to purchase these or make some of them yourself is up to you.  It also depends on you creative ability. Some the ideas to consider are:

  • Balloons
  • Streamers
  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Table Cloth
  • Theme Confetti
  • Table Toppers
  • Banners

Theme Ideas

A craft store is a good place to get inspired if you are looking for ideas. There are many different themes that are popular and are a little more exciting than your basic blue, pink or neutral colors. Some of the more popular themes of today are:

  • Footprints
  • Safari
  • Snoopy
  • Classic Pooh
  • Precious Moments
  • Curious George
  • Little Ducky

While these are just a few ideas, there are plenty more out there. The only thing that limits you is your own imagination. Some other things to take into consideration before purchasing or making decorations would be:

  • Location of the shower
  • Time of day of the shower
  • Sex of the baby or babies
  • Any particular theme the parents to be prefer

We have many more themes listed in our themes section on our site. There are also some specific decoration ideas mentioned within some of those themes as well as other ideas on how to make the baby shower a success and memorable.

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