Baby Shower Gifts

The arrival of a baby is a very special event and calls for unique, creative gifts. Expecting parents are delighted to receive personalized, thought-out gifts for their newborn. They do not have to be overly elaborate and can be perfectly practical.

Ideas for any situation

Some of the most popular ideas include the following:

  • Monogrammed baby blankets, towels, or wash cloths
  • Specially embroidered bibs, towels, or bedding
  • Home-made baby quilts
  • Embroidered picture telling the name and birth information
  • Pre-prepared scrapbook/baby-book awaiting pictures of specific dates and milestones
  • Home-made teddy bears, dolls, or other stuffed animals
  • Infant bathtub filled with newborn essentials such as baby shampoo, wash cloths, pacifiers, diapers, etc.
  • Clothes that speak of parents’ inside jokes or special enjoyments, such as an adorable baseball
  • Uniform for the baseball-loving parents or a t-shirt sporting the father’s favorite football team
  • Baby “cakes”-baby blankets wrapped into circles filled with essentials such as diapers, lotions
  • Safety pins
  • A large picture frame with photo credits to print some of the baby’s first moments

Gift baskets

If you’re planning on getting a bunch of smaller items it might be a good idea to put together a gift basket. The following are a few important things that should be included.

  • Baby shampoo
  • Powder
  • Body wash
  • Tummy drops
  • Diapers
  • Fingernail clippers
  • Toys

Sometimes gift baskets are not baskets at all. They can also be bottle shaped piggy banks, diaper bags, baby tubs, Moses baskets or large balloons with gifts tucked inside.

Where to look for Inexpensive Ideas

What if you’re on a limited budget? By using a few simple money saving techniques you’ll be able to offer a wonderful gift without breaking your bank account. The following are a few money saving ideas to consider when shopping:

  • Discount stores: You’ll be surprised on what you may be able to find at your local dollar store. Many times you’ll be able to put together an entire gift basket, complete with bibs, rattles, diapers and more.
  • Coupons: Keep an eye out in your local news paper for coupons or sales at your local baby supply store.
  • Pictures: Many times it’s fun to show off your pictures when you were a baby. Frames are not only inexpensive but make an excellent gift.
  • Ebay: If you’re a savvy Ebay shopper, you’ll easily be able to find great deals on all kind of merchandise. You don’t have settle on Ebay. There are other great online auction sites available if you look.
  • Make it yourself: Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. Knitting, painting, photography or scrapbooking are all useful in making your own gift.
  • Time: If you’re completely broke, don’t worry. You can still offer one of the most valuable gifts of all - your time. New parents will need some time to themselves a few weeks after the baby is born. By offering up some free babysitting, you’ll make sure they get the time they need to run errands or have some quality time to themselves.

Think of the expecting parents, their pleasures and enjoyments, and aim to make them smile. Try to coordinate ideas, perhaps incorporating the baby’s name or even the colors of the nursery. Most importantly - be creative!

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