Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games do not have to be expensive. In fact, there are plenty of free ideas on the internet. These could include surveys about favorite things, mazes, matching funny baby stories, and more!

It is best to keep the games short and easy so that everyone can have fun. Games that involve a lot of writing are not a good idea unless you can provide a writing surface for everyone. Don’t make it too messy either. Using ink and paint might seem like a fun idea, but it can easily turn into a disaster.

A fun idea can liven up the party

Great games can be created out of household items. Some fun ideas include:

  • “Who Knows Mommy Best” – guests try to answer questions about the mother-to-be, such as favorite song, the kind of car she drives, and…. Well I’m sure you get the picture!
  • Finding safety pins in a bowl of rice while blindfolded
  • Guessing flavors of baby food while blindfolded
  • “Don’t Say Baby” - played by giving each guest three clothespins. Every time someone says “baby” they must give up a clothespin to the person who caught them. The person with the most clothespins wins.
  • “Chocolate Diaper” - Each guest is given a miniature diaper to pin to their collar at the start of the shower. One is filled with a bit of chocolate, and at the end of the shower everyone is told to open their diaper. The person with the “dirty diaper” wins!
  • Guessing the items in a diaper bag - The diaper bag is filled with every kind of baby need, and guests are invited to try to name everything in the bag. Usually no one names everything, but whoever names the most items wins! Of course, the bag and its contents go to the mom-to-be.


It is best to have all the “prizes” for game winners be things for the new baby, and for them to be given to the mom-to-be. This way, the baby wins the most!

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