Wireless Baby Monitors – Piece of Mind While Your Child Sleeps

A baby sleep monitor is not only a practical gift that will be used for years, but it’s also important for the safety of the child. It allows mom or dad to hear if the baby cries while it’s sleeping in another room.

The good news is that they are versatile, meaning that they can be used in just about any type of sleeping arraignment. You just need to place the transmitter close to the baby’s crib and the receiver in the living area of the house. Many times they run either on batteries or they’re rechargeable so they’re easily portable.

Types of monitors

The 3 basic types of monitors are as follows:

  • Audio: Picks up the baby’s sounds
  • Video: You can watch the baby sleep
  • Movement: Will go off when there’s any moment in the room

Audio monitors are by far the most popular and least expensive. The only drawback is that there may be some interference with radio or cell phones. However, this can usually be overcome if you make sure you place the monitors away from these objects.


This will practical gift will give the parents piece of mind which is why it makes an excellent gift.

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