An Easy Diaper Cake Pattern for any Baby Shower

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a baby shower, maybe you should make a diaper cake! If you haven’t seen one, they are cute, original and very popular. Plus, they are easy to make. All you need is a diaper cake pattern and a few ingredients.
They can be made using either disposable or cloth diapers. If you know the mother-to-be prefers one or the other, you can use the style of diaper she will want for her baby.

What items are needed to make a diaper cake?

When you visualize the finished diaper cake, think of a three layer wedding cake. To make your own, you will need the following items:

  • At least two packs of disposable diapers, or around 3 dozen cloth diapers. You may want to use two sizes, so the newborn size is the top layer or two, and the next size is on the bottom.
  • Gifts to hide inside the cake (choose gifts that fit your friend’s parenting style): onesies, mitts, socks, baby supplies, receiving blankets, pacifiers, baby thermometer, etc)
  • Rubber bands in various sizes
  • Wooden dowels
  • Large cardboard circle to hold the cake
  • Receiving blankets if you want to use them to wrap each layer
  • Ribbons and bows
  • Netting or cellophane to wrap the entire cake

How to make a diaper cake

The following are easy instructions for making it:

  • To begin, take a diaper and roll it up. If you are using disposables, start with the open end. If you are using cloth prefolds, fold the thinner sides in on the center, and then roll it up. The cake will be shorter, but will still be very cute.
  • Secure the rolled up diaper with a rubber band. Now add 5 more diapers to the rubber band after rolling them up. This will be the top layer.
  • Repeat with the middle layer, only add more diapers. The middle layer will need about 20 disposable diapers.
  • Repeat again for the bottom layer. This layer will use about 30 disposable diapers. If you make the cake out of cloth diapers, it will be proportionally smaller. Determine what works best for each layer. The middle of each layer can also be made of rolled up receiving blankets if you need more filling for the cloth diaper cake.
  • Once each layer is complete, put the bottom layer on the cardboard circle. To put in the extra gifts, remove a rolled up diaper and replace it with a surprise. Once all the gifts are hidden in each layer, insert lightweight wooden dowels into the bottom layer so they stick up. Don’t damage any of the diapers with the dowels.
  • Carefully settle the upper two layers on top of the bottom layer so the dowels go through them. When you are finished, you can tie pretty ribbon around each layer to hide the rubber bands, or you can wrap each layer with a receiving blanket tied with a ribbon.
  • Decorate with bows and other cute items. You may want to wrap the entire cake with cellophane or netting. It will give it even more of a gift look, and will make it easier to transport the cake.

Once you get the cake to the baby shower, it can be a centerpiece on the main table, or it will attract a lot of attention on the gift table. Either way, the mom-to-be is sure to appreciate your gift.

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