“Smell the Diaper” – A Game Idea that Everyone Will Love

If you are looking for a new game idea for your next baby shower “Smell the Diaper” is both very popular and fun.

It’s not nearly as gross as it sounds

The following are the steps you’ll need to play the game:

  1. Fold napkins or cloth into the shape of diapers. Number the diapers from one to ten.
  2. Melt a different type of candy bar in each diaper. Make sure to create a master list with the diaper number and what kind of candy bar you used in each diaper. If you want to be even more creative you can use other foods besides candy.
  3. Take each diaper and put a small amount of some strong smelling food in it. You can use things like garlic paste, steak sauce, mustard, dressing or anything you want.
  4. Pass around the diapers to the guests who want to play game.
  5. The guests have to smell each diaper and guess what each one is.
  6. The guest who gets the most correct answers wins!

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