Free Baby Shower Word Scramble Game Ideas

The object of the game is to take 20 words that relate to a baby, and scramble them up. You will need enough copies to divide your party guests into teams. You can offer a prize for the team that gets the most words unscrambled in a 5-minute time limit.

The harder you make the words, the better. It can be funny to see what some people may come up with.

Examples of words you can use

  1. high chair-gihh raihc
  2. diaper-reaidp
  3. car seat-acr tsae
  4. rocking chair-gkciorn arich
  5. breast feeding-rsteab gdeefni
  6. bassinette-ttebssain
  7. pacifier-rfeicap
  8. labor pains-boral asnip
  9. baby bottle-byab tlteob
  10. rattle-eltart
  11. monitor-rmnoti
  12. newborn-wrbonen
  13. cradle-dcarel
  14. blanket-tklbnae
  15. formula-aumlofr
  16. nursery-ysnurer
  17. crib-cbir
  18. playpen-npeylap
  19. baby lotion-ybba tlooin
  20. diaper wipes-pdaier spiwe


As you can see, you can make up anything you want as the theme. Maybe things that the expectant mom wants to get for the new baby, or things she will have to learn to do, or maybe a list of things she already has for the baby, etc. You can use your imagination to make it fun and informative, while personalizing it to the new mother-to-be. But if you are short on time, you can use the examples above or go on the Internet.

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